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$ 299.00 USD
Tired of getting notes from wannabes and poseurs? Paul will read your finished short, pilot, or feature, and give you professional feedback, notes, and discuss everything with you during a private video session.
$100 - Short scripts ( 22 pages max )
$299 - Pilot scripts ( 66 pages max )
$399 - Feature scripts ( 140 pages max )
$3 - per page over each maximum
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$ 99.00 USD
Spend an hour either in-person or on a private one-on-one video session with Paul to discuss anything and everything - it’s up to you! Talk about your script, your ideas, your frustrations, goals, how to create time in your daily life to maximize your potential, or ask him anything - nothing is off the table.
* IN-PERSON coffee is subject to location and availability, but Paul buys!
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$ 695.00 USD
Be Paul’s personal guest for a day in the writers room and/or on the working set of a TV series or film production. Meet writers, actors, directors, and get an insider’s look and feel for what it’s REALLY like in this crazy business - and learn how something goes from page to screen.
* Subject to availability
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$ 2,995.00 USD
Paul will work with you from beginning concept through outlines to completed first drafts of your script. This rare opportunity gives you unprecedented access to work one-on-one with an experienced Hollywood screenwriter & producer to develop your idea, build your world and characters, outline, and execute your screenplay at the highest level. You will have multiple private 1-hour video sessions with Paul, guidance, notes, and feedback from beginning to end to give you the best chance at writing the next great film.
* Subject to availability
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Frequently Asked Question.

Is it really you doing all the notes and stuff?

Yes. This site has but one employee. Everything is read by moi. 

Will you steal my idea?

No. I don’t care about your idea. I have too many of my own. And here’s some Truth… your idea isn’t as amazing or original as you think it is. 

Can I pitch you my idea for you to write or produce?

No. I have too much of my own stuff going on to get involved with your project. That said, if I read something that I think is particularly amazing & incredible, I will gladly try to help you become a paid screenwriter. 

Will you help me create a pitch deck?

No. Please don’t ask. 

How long does it take to get notes back?

This is a situational question and the answer varies. But you will know upfront the approximate time it will take. 

Are the free Video AMA sessions private?

No. The free video AMA sessions are with other members of our Truth community. There may only be a couple other folks on there with you, or there may be twenty or more. But you can still ask whatever you want. 

Are you ever going to do screenplay contests?

No. This site wasn’t created to generate income. The prices charged are for my time and effort. Contests exist to take your money. I would rather help you build a career as a screenwriter.

What if I hate your notes/feedback?

You may. Here’s the thing about screenwriting – you can say it’s craft or a blueprint or whatever, but in the end it is still a form of art. And ALL art is subjective. The opinions I will give you are mine alone. They are, however, INFORMED opinions – meaning I know what the hell I’m talking about – unlike 99% of all the other places you can go for feedback. 

Can I get a refund if I don’t like your notes?

No. The risk is all yours. The only guarantee is that – again, unlike 99% of all other sites out there – here you will get the Truth from an actual working professional screenwriter.

Why are you so expensive?

Here’s the thing… I would love to read everybody’s work for free, but I’m not providing some regurgitated, color-by-numbers BS feedback that some wannabe hack charges for on other sites. I do it right. I take my time, I’m thorough, and I Zoom with you about it. 

In order to help as many people as possible, I have to give up my own writing time. Every minute I’m reading your work is a minute I’m not writing my own. The prices are actually quite reasonable when you factor in what Hollywood pays me, my experience and knowledge, and how much time and effort I put into it. I want you all to have huge careers and then thank me during your acceptance speech. 

Are there any genres you won’t read?

Porn... I’m not your audience.

If you have a disgusting, slasher horror script, I’m probably not the guy for you. If you want my opinion, I’ll give it, but in the name of Truth, I have little experience with horror, and am not a fan of the genre. That said, I still know what makes a good or bad screenplay, and my notes on your horror project won’t be any less than on your RomCom or Action script.

What if I make changes after I’ve sent you my script? Can I resend the new draft?

No. One of the important parts of the Truth of this business is learning to let go, as well as learning when your stuff isn’t ready. Don’t send me anything with a bunch of typos, or something that’s only your first draft – I’ll read it, but it’s not going to help you as much as sending me something you’ve worked harder on. 

If you would like to send a new draft of a script that we’ve already done notes on, feel free to do so. There is a 10% discount for reading something a second time.

Will you read a documentary script?

No. Again, one of the Truths of this site is not pretending to know what I don’t know. I don’t do documentaries and have no experience with them – so my opinion would be uninformed. 

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