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About The Book

Over the last five decades dozens of books on screenwriting have been written, and tens of millions of copies sold. Yet, you can count on one hand the number of people who’ve achieved successful screenwriting careers because of those books. Why is that? 

KILL THE DOG does what no other screenwriting book has ever done – it tells the truth. Not only does it expose the lies of all the previous books, but it reveals the truths of the working professional screenwriter’s life, and what it takes to have that life.

Part instruction, part Hollywood memoir, part life lessons, and all authentic, KILL THE DOG is written with a raw honesty unlike any book on screenwriting you’ve ever read. 

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What folks are saying about the book:

"Simply the best book on screenwriting ever written." —Geoffrey Thorne
Geoffrey Thorne, Co-Executive Producer, POWER BOOK II: GHOST, MAGNUM P.I.
"Self-anointed “screenwriting guru” charlatans whose only experience is propagating bad advice, have finally met their match in “Kill the Dog.” Paul Guyot cuts through all their crap. This is an instant classic!" —Randi Mayem Singer
Randi Mayem Singer, Screenwriter, MRS. DOUBTFIRE
"I've sat with Paul Guyot in writers rooms during late-night emergency production rewrites and stood with him in the pouring rain shooting on location; for practical advice from script to set, he's your man." —John Rogers
John Rogers, TRANSFORMERS, MARRY ME, Creator/Executive Producer LEVERAGE
"Guyot is one of the best writers I've worked with, and with this book he has revolutionized the craft of screenwriting!"  —Jonathan Frakes
"This book sucks."  —Some guy on the internet
KILL THE DOG book on a coffee table
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Paul Guyot Attends His First Local Author Event

On a festive December 1st evening at Stacks Book Club in Oro Valley, Arizona, Paul Guyot attended his first local author event in conversation with Peter Catalanotte of Film Tucson. Please enjoy a few of the photos highlights below. You can also visit the full event gallery by clicking here.

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